The Pan's People Papers explores the work of Flick Colby and the 1970s dance group Pan's People  in a collaboration with choreographer Lea Anderson. The film below shows an excerpt from choreographer Pan's show Revels. Costumes are by Simon Vincenzi, music by Steve Blake.

A Legion of Echoes is the first 'paper'. 

Commissioned by South East Dance and supported by Arts Council England this transmedia work explores the mythical roots of Pan's People in a story that sites the myth of choreographer Pan and  dancer Echo in a parallel universe where Greek Gods use Facebook and Twitter.

What if recordings of Pan’s People were a series of documents?

What if these documents could be adapted for the 21st century through thinking of adaptation as a creative act of appropriation and salvage? 

 What if the dances could be restored and corrected through the technology of the body, through dancers gathering and processing sensory data, reproducing in minute detail everything they see onscreen.

How might these findings then be remediated and then distributed in a way that makes them relevant to the 21st Century?