The main influences on my teaching style are the workshops developed by the performance company Goat Island which focused on response and conversation across a group, and two years where I worked with blind and visually impaired people across Scotland and began investigating sensory experience, in new ways.

I teach weekly classes at University of Chichester in the dance department where I work with undergraduate students and postgraduate researchers. My specialisms are moving image practices including screen dance, dance improvisation, and choreographic practices with an emphasis on performance installation.

At University of Chichester I have also developed intensive courses that explore cultural phenomena through performance and film. Starting points have included magic and illusions in collaboration with a close up magician, online identities, privacy and Coppola's film The Conversation (1976)and bodies and other objects in fairy tales. Latterly I have been collaborating with Natalie Rowland in the course Choreography and Mobile Technologies that looks at how choreographic narratives might be positioned in relation to mobile technologies.

My practice-led doctoral research was in adapting choreography to the screen with a focus on corporealities and argued for adaptation as away of revealing unique thinking by choreographers. In the area of supervision I am particularly interested in hearing from prospective research students working in screendance,transmedia work and other moving image practices, I also supervise research in durational performance and choreography. 

I lead lab intensives for professional practitioners, most recently for Lightmoves Festival of Screendance in Limerick alongside Lucy Cash and with Becky Edmunds for South East Dance for the Random Acts commissioning scheme. 

A full C.V. of my professional work and teaching practice is available on request.